Adam Schefter Disputes With Broncos Reporter Mike Klis Over Melvin Gordon Report

Liam McKeone
Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Denver Broncos inked former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon to a two-year deal. Ian Rapoport was first on the news, tweeting out the parameters of the deal on Friday afternoon.

There had been rumors linking Gordon to the Buffalo Bills prior to his signing with Denver. To whit, Broncos beat reporter Mike Klis tweeted out that the Bills offered more money, but Gordon wanted to play for the Broncos.

Then comes Adam Schefter out of nowhere to inform Klis that he, in no uncertain terms, is wrong here.

This is unusual in that you rarely see Schefter go out of his way to correct a wrong report unless the news is massive, and the Gordon news isn't quite at that level. You certainly never see him quote-tweet the report in question. Strange times indeed.