Adam Schefter-John Elway Photo From the 80s is Amazing

Brian Giuffra
Adam Schefter.
Adam Schefter. / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

When you think Adam Schefter, you think ESPN NFL insider. You don't think 80s fashion icon. Until now, that is.

Shout out Schefter for blessing us with this gem of him and John Elway from back in the day. The oversized yellow sweater with large triangles is classic 80s prep. Elway in the quasi-acid wash jeans is also a nice reminder of what life was like back in those days. But the best part of this photo is how much of a fan-boy Schefter comes across as. He's got the widest smile in the world and, meanwhile, Elway looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world right then.

It's easy to forget that celebrity sports personalities like Schefter were actually just normal people at one point in time. In 1987, Schefter was still a student at the University of Michigan and Elway was in his fifth year as the Broncos starting QB. He actually took them to the Super Bowl that year. Schefter didn't elaborate on how the two met or where that photo was taken, but it's good to know he was killing the fashion game even back then.