Adam Schefter: Teams Will Likely Call Bengals About Trading for Joe Burrow Pick

Ryan Glasspiegel

Joe Burrow, coming off the greatest single-season college football quarterback performance of all-time, is the presumptive no. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Bengals, who have the pick, need a quarterback, and Burrow grew up in Ohio. Nevertheless, Adam Schefter said on Get Up this morning that it would be an "upset" if other teams don't call the Bengals and inquire if the pick could be had for a ransom:

Schefter said that the no. 1 pick is usually asked about for trade possibilities (that being said, that pick has only been traded once in the last 15 years -- when the Rams traded up for Jared Goff). Schefter pointed out that the Chargers, Panthers (who just hired Burrow's passing game coordinator from LSU, Joe Brady, as offensive coordinator), and any other number of teams that need a quarterback could conceivably put together an attractive enough package.

Admitting that I don't know exactly how the Bengals have Burrow projected compared to Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, I'd be astonished if they actually traded this pick. Their fan base would almost certainly be apoplectic about this trade and given what I saw from Burrow not just in the national title game but in this entire season I'm not sure any ransom is worth giving up the ability to plug him in right away.