Adam Schefter's Dog Makes an Appearance on 'Get Up'

Liam McKeone
Adam Schefter and Ellla
Adam Schefter and Ellla /

The 2020 NFL season has arrived and with it the busiest time of year for football insiders like ESPN's Adam Schefter. He jumped on Get Up this morning to talk tonight's opening matchup between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before Mike Greenberg and the rest of them could get to the game, though, there was one issue that needed rectifying. Greenberg had apparently been hearing a mysterious noise throughout the broadcast. The culprit? None other than Schefter's dog, Ella, who is very cute.

Like a true professional, Schefter rolls right into his analysis of Chiefs rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire without missing a beat. Remarkable stuff. That's what makes you the big bucks in this industry.

I am not a dog aficionado, so I cannot tell you anything about Ella other than she is clearly a good dog. And should definitely make more spot appearances on camera. She has a natural talent for the on-air life. I'm sure she has some sage football insight to offer the rest of us. She learned at the feet of the best, after all.