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Adam Sandler Still Has His 'Happy Gilmore' Swing

Liam McKeone
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler /

History was made 25 years ago today when Happy Gilmore took down Shooter McGavin as a massive underdog at the biggest golf tournament of the year. Yes, folks, 25 years ago today, Happy Gilmore was released. You may have seen something about it on the Internet.

Adam Sandler decided to give a tribute in honor of his hit film, tweeting out a video of him dusting off the ol' Happy swing while shouting out Shooter McGavin. He's still got it.

We, of course, could not follow the flight path of the ball (where's the damn ball tracker when you need it?) but the sound was sweet and pure. It sure sounded like he smashed it, as Sandler proclaims.

Happy birthday to what is objectively the most fun golf movie of all time.