If Adam Sandler Passes You the Ball in Pickup, You Have to Make the Shot

Liam McKeone
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler / Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Adam Sandler, known lover of basketball and baggy gym shorts, was spotted in the wild of Long Island yesterday playing some pickup with what presumably were a random group of guys. It is not the first time Sandler has been captured on camera playing hoops with strangers and it will not be the last.

This particular instance was notable for two reasons. One, seeing Sandler play pickup at a local court means we are finally returning to some semblance of normal. Two, the videos in question featured two guys bricking perfect Sandler dishes. And you just can't do that.

Come on, fellas. If Happy Gilmore is out here feeding you the ball, you just have to make the shot. Or at least get close instead of clanking it off the rim so loudly you can hear it on a phone camera's mic. Especially if you're in the second video there and it's a wide-open corner three with Sandler sprinting open as you shoot.

A tough scene. I'm sure the shooters in question are spending all day getting mocked by their friends. But if Adam Sandler passes you the ball, you just gotta make it.