Adam Rittenberg Becomes Latest ESPN Employee to Get Targeted by Twitter Hackers

ESPN / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In what is slowly turning into a very bizarre trend, another ESPN employee was targeted by Twitter hackers pushing NFTs on Saturday. Adam Rittenberg, college football analyst, had his Twitter account taken over and consequently his followers were absolutely bombarded by tweets concerning MoonBird NFTs.

After sending the initial tweet, the hackers spent a half hour tagging all sorts of people, hence the feeling of bombardment.

This notoriously happened to MLB insider Jeff Passan last month right in the middle of labor negotiations. Passan managed to get his account back in time to tweet the news that the lockout was over, and Rittenberg is currently in his offseason, so it's not quite as tenuous a situation. But still. Never fun to have this happen.

And it's a bizarre thing to do for a variety of reasons. Why ESPN employees are getting targeted is unclear other than the guarantee of visibility, given the following the network's high-profile talents all have on social media. One would have to imagine Disney will be working very hard with Twitter to further ensure the security of accounts under the company umbrella going forward.