Adam Gase as the Favorite for the Green Bay Packers' Job Makes a Lot of Sense

By Jason McIntyre

Adam Gase walked into his meeting this morning in Miami with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in a good place. There were already seven head coaching openings before the meeting, and a limited pool of desirable candidates to choose from.

So Miami would either offer Gase an extension, or fire him. Gase got the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first year, then lost his QB in year two, and this year Miami was forced to start Brock Osweiler for five games due to more injuries to Ryan Tannehill.

Word of an extension offer hasn’t leaked out yet, but the Dolphins ended up firing him.

I imagine Gase walked out of that meeting not at all that concerned that he was unemployed. Known as something of a QB whisperer for what he did as offensive coordinator of the Broncos – Peyton Manning threw an NFL record 55 TD passes – Gase will be busy interviewing around the NFL for head coaching jobs this week with so many jobs open.

The Browns, Jets and Cardinals all have young QBs who could benefit from working with Gase. He has a prior relationship with John Elway and the Denver Broncos. But do not be surprised if it’s the Green Bay Packers–with another Hall of Fame veteran in need of a recharge–that he’s most interested in. And do not be surprised if the feeling is mutual. We have seen reports of the Packers being interested in Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern, but that was before Gase became publicly available. Once Aaron Rodgers gives his vote of confidence in Gase, it’s going to be difficult for him to turn down the job.