Adam Driver Transforming Into a Centuar Is Oddly Compelling

Kyle Koster

Adam Driver makes interesting choices. A recent one includes serving as a pitch person for a Burberry fragrance called Hero. The campaign features a shirtless Driver on a dead sprint into the ocean where he encounters a horse. Limbs, both equine and human, become one. Driver then says the name of the product after his transformation to a centaur is complete.

It is quite something and any claim suggesting I've viewed it more than a dozen times would be inaccurate. This is how you move product. The dude from Girls and a majestic beast purifying themselves in an unknown body of water as the embers of the day either glow or fade away.

There's no need to go super deep on what's going on inside this smooth brain of mine, but my best guess is that it feels like the spiritual successor to the Derek Zoolander beauty ad that aired during halftime of the State game in the coal miners' bar.

Full marks all around for steering into the weird.