Actual ESPN the Magazine Headline: What if Michael Vick Were White? The Photo Illustration is Even

By Jason McIntyre

If you want people talking, you pull stunts like this. Congrats, Chad Millman, that’s a job well done.

It’s tough to sell an essay on Mike Vick and race, but with that headline and photo illustration, ESPN the Magazine will have people talking. For all the wrong reasons, though. This was the sub-headline:

"Since the day he was arrested, people have been asking that question."

Really? Have people said that? Has anyone said, “if a white QB killed dogs, he wouldn’t have gone to jail!” or anything remotely close to that? Must have missed that discussion. [ESPN the Magazine]

[UPDATE: About 20 minutes after this post went up, ESPN took down the photo illustration and replaced it with an actual photo of Mike Vick. Then, over an hour later, they put back in the illustration. I asked ESPN why they did this, and they sent back a statement from Chad Millman: “We initially removed the Vick photo-illustration due to a licensing issue which has since been resolved. We firmly stand by our representation of the story and  the photo-illustration, which has since been re-posted and appreciate and  encourage the discussion it has prompted.”]