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Aaron Rodgers Denies Once Again That He is Unhappy With His Boss

Liam McKeone
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers will be on a field of play today for the first time since January, when he teams up with Bryson DeChambeau to take on Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in the latest iteration of The Match. To help promote the charity event, the four had a Jeopardy! contest. Brady, as has been the case since the event was announced, did not miss his opportunity to rib Rodgers for his ongoing dispute with the Green Bay Packers.

Here's the video.

This is the second time Rodgers has denied he has an issue with any specific member of the Packers' organization. The longtime Green Bay quarterback was asked by Kenny Mayne if his problems lay with GM Brian Gutekunst after reports emerged suggesting that was the case and he said no. It remains unclear, then, what exactly Rodgers' conflict with the organization is.

James Jones suggested last month that it was more of a football philosophy issue after Rodgers sat by and watched as the Packers moved on from valuable contributors in pursuit of better value and long-term competitiveness. That obviously isn't a problem that has an easy answer. If it were as simple as getting rid of Gutekunst in exchange for Rodgers' cooperation, it probably would have happened already.

The clock is ticking. Training camp is only a few weeks away. The air of mystery remains.