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Aaron Rodgers Still Has a Few Tricks Up His Sleeve

Kyle Koster
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

News broke earlier this week that Aaron Rodgers would be guest-hosting Jeopardy!, presumably to reintroduce some balance into the universe after 16 years of providing opposing defenses with no answers. The 37-year-old quarterback has not allowed this opportunity to obscure the mission at hand — capturing that long-elusive second Super Bowl. He and the Green Bay Packers are locked in midway through today's playoff tilt with the Los Angeles Rams.

After finding Davante Adams for a one-yard touchdown (his eighth from three feet or less this year, five more than any other signal-caller), Rodgers took things into his own feet to open up a 16-3 lead.

Poor Leonard Floyd. It looked for all the world that Rodgers would be throwing there.

Seven thousand people have made this point before, but it is startling how calm and calculated he is out there. To watch him is to watch someone who has done all the homework and won't be thrown by anything. A contingency plan is never far from the surface.

He's distilled half of his throws to simply identifying the best option and getting the ball to that player as quickly as humanly possible. If he plays a few more years he may figure out a way to start his throwing motion as he's receiving the snap like some sort of sentient Jugs machine.