Aaron Rodgers Shaved His Beard and Has a Glorious Mustache Again

Brian Giuffra

The tache is back in Green Bay, and it’s as good as ever.

Aaron Rodgers, the master of machismo, decided to have a little fun with his facial grooming this preseason, as he so often does. Gone is the Grizzly Adams, full-beard look. Back is the mustache that has been his calling card during various points of his NFL career.

That lip looks really warm.

Rodgers had been growing out his beard this preseason, but clearly had enough of it. The cover photo of this story shows what it used to look like. Now he’s back on the mustache train, which he’s been on many times before, including last year and this offseason. He then shaved it all off during a courtside appearance at the Bucks playoff game, though he did have a little stubble. But, when you can grow a mustache like that, you gotta show it off, and Rodgers is doing it again as only he can.