Aaron Rodgers Pranks Davante Adams and Matt LaFleur During Practice

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Love him or hate him, Aaron Rodgers is an entertaining dude. Whether starring in a commercial or pranking people at practice, Rodgers knows how to have a good time. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re his favorite receiver or his new head coach. All prankees are created equal, which makes what he did at practice recently even better.

After getting a little spooked by a ball spiraling in his direction (look closely and you’ll see Rodgers flinch before making the catch), Rodgers decided to return the favor to All-Pro receiver Davante Adams and rookie head coach Matt LaFleur, acting as if he was catching a ball being thrown directly over their heads, eliciting ducks, squints and, finally, laughs from his marks.

With all due respect, that was more entertaining than anything that happened during the Hall-of-Fame preseason opener on Thursday night.

Building bonds with teammates and coaches is all about opening up and making yourself vulnerable. Rodgers went a different route, making his coach and teammate feel vulnerable, before pulling the rug out from underneath them and having a good laugh at their expense. Not sure what the flex at the end is all about, but clearly Rodgers is having a good time, and a happy Rodgers is a productive Rodgers.

Watch out, NFC North. You might be pranked into thinking you can win the division next.