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Aaron Rodgers Gave Pat McAfee a Misleading Answer When Asked About Doctors Besides Joe Rogan

Stephen Douglas

Aaron Rodgers was back on the Pat McAfee Show today and McAfee was prepared to grill the Packers quarterback. Rodgers didn't apologize for anything he said, but admitted that some of what he said might be considered "misleading."

When he again said that his alternate treatment was based on what was in his best interest after consulting with his doctors, McAfee asked for some details saying, "Doctors that you consulted with... Dr. Joe Rogan and which other doctors?" McAfee, Rodgers and A.J. Hawk all grinned at the ridiculous-sounding question before Rodgers said that he had, "talked with about a dozen friends of mine who dealt with COVID and they all were very helpful in different ways."

While Rodgers didn't mention the woke mob during this appearance, allow me to be the voice for the voiceless in this situation...

That sure sounds like another misleading answer! Did he or did he not actually consult with multiple doctors? Or AH doctor? Because when McAfee asked for some examples of the doctors Rodgers' personal physician seems like an easy and obvious answer. Or how about the people he spoke with who had dealt with COVID? Were any of them doctors? Because that would be another satisfactory, straight forward answer.

Instead, Rodgers was again low on details when asked a pretty direct question. McAfee asked which doctors and Rodgers can't name just one. This is the exact same tact as his answer to the vaccination question back in training camp. He answered affirmatively, but said something else.