Aaron Rodgers Clearly Not Enjoying Trials, Tribulations of Young Receiving Corps

Liam McKeone
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

At the ripe age of 38 years-old, Aaron Rodgers is basically starting from scratch with his wide receiving corps. Davante Adams is gone, traded to the Las Vegas Raiders over the offseason. The move has forced future Hall of Famer Allen Lazard into the spotlight alongside ol' reliable Randall Cobb. Everyone else on the depth chart is either a free agent pickup or a draft pick. Rodgers' frustration boiled over a bit during a press conference yesterday and he said everyone needs to get their act together quickly because soon the games will start to matter.

Rodgers has been the king of cool, calm, and collected in recent years up in Green Bay as far as his team's performances go. So for him to stray from his standard comments with such blatant criticism is somewhat noteworthy. And he hasn't even gotten a chance to build up chemistry with second-round pick Christian Watson, who was widely seen as a project player before he missed most of camp following summer surgery.

Time to worry in Green Bay? Not yet, probably. Rodgers is just giving everyone a kick in the pants with three weeks to go until the regular season. A vet's job during these times. But things could get mighty interesting if the improvement isn't there when the meaningful snaps start in September. Consider this your "worth keeping an eye on" moment to look back on in a month's time.