Aaron Rodgers Wasn't Going to Let Himself Get Fat

Kyle Koster
New York Jets v Green Bay Packers
New York Jets v Green Bay Packers / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers' motivations and career goals were questioned hundreds of times daily during the offseason as intrigue over his future grew. The Green Bay Packers great is unabashedly complex and himself so trying to deduce exactly what's going on up in that brain feels like a losing battle.

Ultimately, he decided to return to the gridiron for the opportunity to win an "I Told You So" Super Bowl. And given his track record as perhaps the greatest artist of the generation, betting against him is a risky proposition. Everything in his history should have informed everyone that once the season started, Rodgers would be ready to be the version of himself that's already played into Canton.

Joining guest host A.J. Hawk, who was guest hosting the Pat McAfee Show today, Rodgers revealed that he was ready to rock and roll the whole time, physically.

In other words, he didn't allow himself to get "fat as sh-t." Which is nice.

Rodgers also shared a laugh about McAfee drafting him as a source during the situation, which was a really enjoyable period during the summer. Maybe we'll do it all again next year.