Aaron Rodgers, Packers Teammates Cosplay as 'Happy Gilmore' Characters

Ryan Phillips

Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers teammates aren’t above having a little fun and on Wednesday they took things to another level. At the team’s “Welcome Back Luncheon”, Rodgers and three of his teammates dressed as characters from Happy Gilmore and strolled into the proceedings.

Check this out:

Perfectly executed. For those keeping score at home, Happy Gilmore is played by Tim BoyleDeshone Kizer took on the role of Chubbs, the Caddy is portrayed by Manny Wilkins and rounding out the cast is Rodgers as the abusive orderly from the nursing home. So it was a bit of a quarterback bonding exercise.

Side note, it’s pretty incredible how much Rodgers looks like the nursing home orderly from the flick. If you don’t remember, the orderly was played by Ben Stiller:

The only thing missing is someone playing the GOAT, Shooter McGavin.

This isn’t the first time Rodgers has dressed up with a teammate for the “Welcome Back Luncheon” as in 2017 he and Brett Hundleychanneled the Men in Black:

This is all in good fun and I appreciate it. That said, the initial reaction from our resident Packers fan Ryan Glasspiegel was, “How about making the playoffs this year?”

Fun and games are fun, as long as you win.