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Aaron Rodgers Presides Over Extremely Dark, Poignant 'Jeopardy' Answer

Kyle Koster

Aaron Rodgers has been quite impressive in his trial run as Jeopardy! host, and the roughness around the edges will surely smooth with time. There's an incredible groundswell of support being thrown behind him to make him Alex Trebek's full-time successor, though LeVar Burton should have something to say about the whole thing.

The other night, Rodgers had the uncomfortable privilege of presiding over an answer that was both extremely uncomfortable and deeply instructive about the countless dark corners of American history. A moment the most sardonic minds could never create on purpose. Writing so accidentally compelling that not even the group over at Gutfeld! could replicate.

The answer? "In 2015 Congress authorized payments of $4.44 million to each of these people, $10,000 for each day of their captivity."

The question? Well, that proved elusive for all three contestants as there are somehow dozens of unfortunate incidents from which to choose.

Give credit to Rodgers for handling that smoothly. Were I in the same situation the camera would have panned over to reveal a single tear rolling down my cheek and a 1,000-yard stare into the abyss before pleading with someone to take things in a lighter direction via the Potent Potables category.