'Jeopardy!' Contestant Asks Aaron Rodgers 'Who Wanted to Kick That Field Goal?'

Aaron Rodgers guest hosting "Jeopardy!"
Aaron Rodgers guest hosting "Jeopardy!" /

Aaron Rodgers had his first night as the guest host of Jeopardy! on Monday and it ended in phenomenal fashion. During Final Jeopardy, two-day champion Scott Shewfelt didn't have the correct answer, so he threw the three-time NFL MVP a curveball.

Check this out:

Oh that's amazing and Rodgers' reaction is fantastic.

For those who don't remember, during the NFC Championship Game this year, Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur made a puzzling decision that may have cost his team the game. The Packers trailed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 with 2:09 left in the contest on fourth-and-goal from Tampa's 8-yard line. Rather than attempt to score a touchdown and a subsequent two-point conversion, LaFleur ran his field goal unit out and took three points, then kicked deep to Tom Brady and his offense.

Green Bay never got the ball again as Brady & Co. worked the clock until the final whistle.

After the game, Rodgers said it wasn't his decision to kick the field goal and was visibly displeased with the decision:

Credit to Shewfelt for creating a phenomenal Jeopardy! moment and good on Rodgers for taking it with a laugh.