Aaron Rodgers Slams Sports Debate Shows as 'Low-Class Journalism'

Stephen Douglas
Aaron Rodgers... in space.
Aaron Rodgers... in space. /

Aaron Rodgers was the first guest on Kyle Brandt's new Ringer podcast, 10 Questions. Rodgers took the opportunity unleash a hot take about people who give hot takes professionally, suggesting that perhaps some of the people on debate shows might not totally believe the opinions they express.

This is just a shocking allegation and I really hope Rodgers is prepared to back it up with facts like every single person on ESPN or The [NFL] Network does whenever they are confronted with a dissenting opinion. Ha ha! I'm just kidding!

Of course there are wild opinions given on these shows that no one could possibly believe. Rodgers pretty much nails the hot take industrial complex. A bunch of voices shouting for attention in a society where the attention spa...

As annoying as it is for a normal person to listen to someone express an opinion that might not be entirely believed, it must actually be hard to stomach for someone like Rodgers who is the real-life subject of these takes. I'm not sure if understanding the game being played makes it easier or more difficult.