Aaron Rodgers Growing Hair Out For Halloween Costume

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Out of all the many ripple effects caused by Aaron Rodgers' whirlwind of an offseason this summer, undoubtedly the most significant and impactful is what he's doing with his hair. Rodgers has kept a fairly consistent cut over the years, often flirting with the longer hairdo but never letting it get too long and opting for something closer to a crew cut more often than not. Then he showed up to camp this year with some flowing locks and doesn't appear to have gotten a haircut since then.

Pat McAfee, who can always be trusted to get to the bottom of such matters, asked Rodgers about it today during the Green Bay Packers star's weekly spot on McAfee's show. Rodgers revealed he is keeping his hair long as part of a Halloween costume.

This naturally begs the question of what, exactly, Rodgers is planning to be for Halloween. Fellow Big Lead employee Stephen Douglas posited a theory on opening weekend that I am partial to.

We will keep our eyes peeled come Halloween for pictures of whatever party Rodgers attends to see what he has in store. That's what we're here for, after all.