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Aaron Rodgers Drove Dick Vitale Into the Warm Embrace of Pepto Bismol

Ryan Phillips
Dick Vitale, San Francisco v Gonzaga
Dick Vitale, San Francisco v Gonzaga / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dick Vitale is a massive Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and was cheering hard for his team during the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. As the Bucs faced the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Vitale took to social media and revealed he needed his wife to get the Pepto Bismol. Apparently, Aaron Rodgers was doing awful things to Dickie V's stomach.

Check it out:

Facing the likely NFL MVP with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line is not a comfortable place for any fan to be in. Vitale might want to see a doctor though. That much Pepto Bismol can't be good for the digestive tract. He's 81, he can't just be chugging that stuff like a college kid on spring break.