Aaron Rodgers Doppelgänger Meets Aaron Rodgers in Comedy Sketch

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tom Wrigglesworth is a British comedian who looks a whole hell of a lot like Aaron Rodgers (we’ve seen him here before). He traveled to Green Bay, where the locals kept taking pictures of him, approaching him, and asking for his autograph. The diner scenes are fantastic, and children don’t believe him when he says his name is Tom. “No, you’re Aaron Rodgers.

Wrigglesworth eventually heads to Packers training camp, and even Randall Cobb struggled to tell the difference. Shortly after the 7-minute mark, the comedian and quarterback meet for the first time. Rodgers keeps telling teammates that he and Wrigglesworth are cousins, and tries (unsuccessfully) to teach him to throw a football. All in all, a solid sketch.

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[H/T Kyle Cousineau]