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Shailene Woodley Rips Report of Aaron Rodgers Breaking COVID Protocol to Get Coffee

Liam McKeone
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers is currently deep in the NFL's COVID protocol after testing positive last week. You may have heard something about that. But on Tuesday morning, a report from the Daily Mail circulated that Rodgers had been spotted breaking protocol to go grab coffee while in California.

So we can all agree that the guy in the picture doesn't really look like Aaron Rodgers. His fiancée, Shailene Woodley, took to Instagram today to aggressively shoot down this false report. You can check out Woodley's Instagram story to see it all or peek at the screenshots captured by The Big Lead below:

This story was suspect from the start. It places Rodgers in Brentwood, California, which is an awfully weird place for him to be quarantining considering it is not Wisconsin. The Packers played in Kansas City last week and will travel to Seattle this week, so a quick trip to California makes no sense. Woodley's comments on the report puts it all to bed.

And now we all know Aaron Rodgers has hairy hands. Probably better off without that knowledge. Yet here we are.