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Aaron Rodgers on Super Bowl Boycott Rumor: 'The Dumbest Sh*t I've Heard'

Ryan Phillips
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Last week Boomer Esiason claimed a source told him Aaron Rodgers could threaten to boycott the Super Bowl if the Green Bay Packers got there. We told you it was an absolutely ridiculous premise and would never happen. Now Rodgers has addressed the story and he was far less kind that we were.

Rodgers joined the Pat McAfee Show for his weekly appearance on Tuesday and absolutely ripped the entire premise. He said of the story, "that's the dumbest sh*t I've heard."

Here's the clip:

I mean, it's absolute one of the dumbest things I had ever heard as well. Here's what we said about it last week:

No, that's not happening. I'm sorry. The premise on its surface is absurd. Rodgers has waited 10 years to get back to the Super Bowl and he's going to boycott over the protocols agreed to by the NFL and his own union, the NFLPA? Yeah, there's zero chance of that happening.

So yeah, let's put this to bed.