Aaron Rodgers Blames Interception on Nut Shot

Liam McKeone
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers had a no-good, very bad day to kick off his NFL season after an... eventful summer. His Green Bay Packers got smacked by the New Orleans Saints. Rodgers threw two picks and zero touchdowns, an anomaly of a statline for his career. It was a disaster all-around.

Rodgers, ever the good sport, still appeared on the Pat McAfee Show in what appears to be a continuation of his weekly spot from last year. He explained why his first interception went awry.

Here is the play in question. There aren't any angles that showed what Rodgers was talking about, but we can take him for his word. It does seem like he short-arms it a bit, doesn't it?

Rodgers' interviews with McAfee give us some of the best media soundbites of the year and I am sincerely glad he's still doing them. But he just gave every defense a blueprint to stopping him and, indeed, every other quarterback in the NFL.

Leave your empathy at the door on gameday and give Rodgers the ol' one-two.