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Aaron Rodgers Was Not Happy When a Titans Player Maybe Faked an Injury to Slow Down the Packers

Stephen Douglas

The Green Bay Packers struggled with teh Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. The Packers trailed at halftime and the fans booed the home team heading into the lockerroom. In the third quarter the Packers were trying to get something going when defensive tackle Teair Tart went down with an apparent lower leg injury. This caused officials to stop the game so he could be looked at by trainers. Aaron Rodgers was not buying it.

Rodgers was shown yelling and then went over to check out Tart while he was with trainers. If Tart was faking it, it was apparently for nothing because the Packers had substituted so they would have had to wait for the Titans to also make their changes. Not that it matters when you get another Rodgers freakout.