Aaron Judge is Still Much Taller Than Jose Altuve

Kyle Koster

The baseball world shook to its core in 2017 when Aaron Judge stood next to Jose Altuve. The 6-foot-7 Yankees slugger towered over the 5-foot-6 Astros second baseman, providing visual evidence that one elite player was much taller than the other.

The duo was captured in several subsequent pictures. At an All-Star Game. In the American League Championship Series. But it’d been awhile since Judge and Altuve occupied the same space.

Until earlier this week when the stars aligned.

Judge, it seems, is still much taller than Altuve. People who love the size difference can continue to enjoy the size difference.

Far be it for me to make predictions, but if both these guys are still in the league in 10 years, Judge will still have the height advantage. And even if they’re not playing baseball.