Aaron Judge Face-Plants Trying to Steal Third, Scares Yankees Fans

David Berding/GettyImages

Aaron Judge is observing his 31st birthday today by playing a baseball game against the Minnesota Twins. Things were going great as he New York Yankees slugger smashed two doubles and picked up three RBI in the first two innings. But then he tried to steal third base for some reason even though his team had a 5-0 lead and Anthony Rizzo was on the dish and the good vibes came to a crashing halt.

Judge's slide came to an abrupt stop and earned him zero style points, but did open the door to a potential injury.

Judge went disappeared into the tunnel and every Yankees fan in the world got very mad for a few minutes before he reappeared in the dugout, wearing his batting gloves and elbow protector, which suggest he's not done trying to go for a bigger birthday present.

But he's also flexing his wrist a lot.

We will continue to monitor the situation.