I Am Furious People Were Furious at Fox's Camera Operator on Aaron Judge's Flyout

Kyle Koster
Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Aaron Judge stepped into the box last night with the chance to make history in storybook fashion. A walk-off homer against the Boston Red Sox would have tied Roger Maris and sent everyone into a frenzy. It also would have happened on cable across the Tri-State area and not on Apple+, where the Yanks play tonight. And for a brief moment, it sure looked like the stars aligned as the slugger's titanic blast to centerfield soared against the Bronx sky.

But it wasn't to be. Judge was denied No. 61 as the flyball fell a few feet short and into the centerfielder's glove. Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and trying to remember your kids' birthdays. A rather routine flyout shouldn't qualify as a post. Yet this one does because the Fox camera capturing the action did something that made people mad. We know this because For The Win wrote that everyone was furious at the camera, an inanimate object. Larry Brown Sports said the same.

If that's true, it seems like a new low in terms of things to get mad about. Deep down, I really hope no one was actually furious about what looks like a fairly routine shot of an F-8. Maybe that's naive. It would be pretty weird to have the shot of Judge's Maris-tying homer deeply focused on an outfielder and not the ball flying over the fence but hey, the last time I worked in television I was a college intern.

One thing's for sure: no one will be getting mad tonight as Judge furthers his legend on a streaming service many Yankees fans don't have. You have to love sports!