Aaron Hernandez Was Sued Last Week For Shooting a Man after a Miami Strip Club Outing in February

By Jason Lisk

Aaron Hernandez continues to make news for the wrong reasons. Just days before police began questioning him in regard to a homicide, he was sued for a prior incident involving a gun, according to TMZ.com. The incident was from February in Miami, when Hernandez and a man named Alexander Bradley went to Tootsie’s Cabaret.

They got into an argument there, and it continued when they got into a car. Bradley claims that Hernandez aimed a weapon at him, and the gun discharged, striking him in the eye. The lawsuit, which was dismissed without prejudice but will be re-filed today, claims that Bradley had to undergo major surgery on his face, and lost his right eye.

Now we know what the legal dispute referenced in April by Terez Owens was (that’s the same claimant name), and it is way more serious–not just a dispute over memorabilia or a contract. Also, not a good look in light of the current murder investigation. Now, it appears that Hernandez has a history of using a gun when involved in an argument.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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