Aaron Gordon Wearing Number 50 to Promote the Documentary He Made About His Dunk Contest Losses

Aaron Gordon's first dunk as a Denver Nugget.
Aaron Gordon's first dunk as a Denver Nugget. /

Aaron Gordon made his Denver Nuggest debut on Sunday, scoring 13 points in a 126-102 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Gordon made six of nine field goal attempts, including one of four three-pointers, which means he was perfect from two. That's probably where the Nuggets will get their money's worth from him. The way he can finish, he should excel with Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

Gordon also wore a new jersey number with his new team. He had a 50 on his chest, which is a nod to his many perfect scores in the NBA Dunk Contest. Something he actually made a documentary about.

In case you didn't think Gordon was serious about the disappointment surrounding having never won a Dunk Contest, well, the pain is real. Here's Mr. 50.

That is absolutely the most NBA player thing imaginable. Producing a documentary, self-nicknmame-ification, feeling the disrespect that isn't really there. It deserves another perfect score.