Aaron Donald Called For Worst Roughing the Passer Penalty of the Season


The Tennessee Titans got a pretty big win on Sunday Night Football handing the Los Angeles Rams their second loss of the season. The game was never really close after Matthew Stafford threw two interceptions that turned into 14 points in about 30 seconds during the first half, but the Titans still got a little help in the 4th quarter. as Aaron Donald was called for an egregious roughing the passer penalty when he pushed Ryan Tannehill after he threw the ball away on a 3rd and three.

Nobody liked the call except for the official who threw the flag. Donald had already left his feet as Tannehill was throwing the ball so it's not like there was anywhere else for him to go. Then the contact was minimal as Tannehill's momentum carried him out of bounds.

It didn't affec the result of the game, but in the end it was just another horrible call from an NFL official that left the announcers questioning what they had just seen.