A Sports Media Discussion With Bryan Curtis, Editor-at-Large at The Ringer

Ryan Glasspiegel

Bryan Curtis is editor-at-large, and writes and podcasts about media at The Ringer. He joined the podcast this week. We discussed:

  • ESPN’s NBA postgame show, and the idea of having Zach Lowe vs. Stephen A. Smith debates.
  • ESPN’s daytime lineup — what is the goal with the upcoming Mike Greenberg and Bomani & Pablo programs?
  • Where does ‘MSESPN’ rank on ESPN’s list of concerns?
  • John Clayton’s being included in ESPN layoffs, shifting technologies throughout his tenure there, and the idea of when ESPN prioritizes getting scoops.
  • Bryan’s career, including stops at Slate, Daily Beast, and the now-defunct NY Times Play Magazine. How he first came into contact with Bill Simmons, and what he covered at previous outlets.
  • Bryan’s writing process: How does he get into the mindset to start a long feature?How does he edit, and how many editors read his work? What does the editor-at-large title entail?
  • At the end, we briefly discussed The Ringer’s partnership with Vox, which was announced yesterday.
  • There was also a tangent into the upcoming Cris Carter and Nick Wright show on FS1, and the dynamics of Carter’s relationship with Odell Beckham.

Hope you enjoy!