A-Rod Plans to Put Up Blinds After Toilet Photo, Says He's Glad It Was Him and Not J-Lo


A couple weeks ago, we relayed the news that a viral photo of A-Rod on the toilet was making the rounds on Wall Street and that it was suspected a rogue hedge funder had snapped the picture. A-Rod was exploring his legal options, including a potential lawsuit.

Now, while he says his team is still investigating the matter, he does not plan to file a suit. “I’m certainly not suing,” A-Rod said on Fox5’s “Good Day New York” on Monday, via Page Six. “The one thing is, I actually do my best thinking there! I wasn’t ready for the picture. It is what it is … I have to invest in some good blinds, and I think I am.”

He also added some perspective: “I’m happier that it was me [rather than] my better half or one of the children.”

A-Rod, if you’ve been living under a rock, is engaged to Jennifer Lopez, and he’s right that this would’ve wound up being a far bigger scandal.