A-Rod May or May Not Have Once Watched Dave Navarro Receive Oral Sex Via Skype


Dave Navarro hosts a radio show called Dark Matter on TradioV.com. On the latest episode, co-host Dan Cleary and another of Navarro’s friends, Todd Newman, tried to get the rock guitarist / “Ink Master” judge to tell a story about the time he allegedly got oral sex from a woman while Alex Rodriguez watched on Skype. This was allegedly a woman who A-Rod had a past with, and it allegedly took place while A-Rod was married, which puts the story between 2002 and 2008. The story is in the clip above and is full of NSFW language.

Navarro does a masterful job of letting his friends tell the story and distancing himself just enough that he will be able to deny it in the future. Meanwhile, he helps fill in details before eventually putting his foot down and making everyone move on. The highlight being that while this was going on, he called Newman to ask who A-Rod was. At that point Navarro jumped in with, “I thought it was a rapper.”

After a few brief minutes, Navarro decides that this story probably should not have been told on a radio show and says, “I deny all of these allegations.” He then passes on talking about the time he saw A-Rod in a Miami nightclub after this first story took place. To sum up this very alleged story, Cleary says, “basically, you had a weird, quasi-cyber threesome with – at that time – the biggest baseball player in the world.”

You can listen to the whole podcast here with the A-Rod story starting around the 1-hour 49-minute mark.

[TradioV via Alternative Nation]