A Note on the Butt Fumble Recovery

Kyle Koster

Mark Sanchez made significant contributions to an NFL game last night, along with Adrian Peterson and Darren Sproles. Everything that was old was new again. Obvious writing from the showrunners, who ham-handedly wedged a Butt Fumble callback into the script.

Sanchez, of course, went face-first into an offensive lineman’s rear before fumbling on Thanksgiving Night 2012. It is one of the more infamous bloopers in all of sports and, honestly, stopped being funny a few years ago.

People seemed to enjoy the re-emergence of this story line, noting how things had come full circle. And that’s fine. Art is subjective. But allow me to be That Guy for a second.

The two events aren’t entirely congruent. To truly close the circle, Sanchez should have recovered a fumble off another big man’s butt as it was a large butt that caused the original incident. Someone else’s derriere was robbed of  its redemptive moment!

The Butt Fumble was not created solely by Sanchez. He may have been the Steve Jobs, but Brandon Moore was his Steve Wozniak. True genius takes a team effort.

Anyway, cool moment but I won’t be truly satisfied until there’s a football sandwich with Sanchez and a lineman’s bottom serving as the bread slices.