A Media Chat With SI's Richard Deitsch and Sports TV Ratings Founder Robert Seidman

Ryan Glasspiegel

Sports Illustrated media reporter Richard Deitsch and Sports TV Ratings proprietor Robert Seidman join the podcast this week! Topics included:

  • Turner Sports’ new OTT package with UEFA games. Who will this package be aimed at, and will it be successful? What type of NHL and MLB games are going to be on ESPN’s OTT package? Are these OTT channels placeholders for more top-tier events if cable subscriptions continue to dwindle?
  • What is the benchmark of success for FS1’s First Things First with Nick Wright and Cris Carter?
  • Fantasy booking an ESPN show with Mina Kimes and Katie Nolan.
  • Why doesn’t Bill Simmons appear on more Ringer videos?
  • Barstool, The Athletic, and the future of making a buck online.

Hope you enjoy the conversation!