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A.J. Hinch Technically Didn't Deny the Astros Used Buzzers While Practicing Their 'Dark Arts'

AJ Hinch, Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve and AJ Hinch during the Astros' latest World Series appearance. | Tim Warner/Getty Images

It was a big day for Houston Astros cheating news. Former manager AJ Hinch gave an interview to Sports Illustrated and MLB Network and the Wall Street Journal released a report with new details about how they did it.

According to WSJ, the Astros used a program called Codebreaker to track pitches on a spreadsheet. An intern introduced the program to the club. That intern was Derek Vigoa who is the Astros' current senior manager of team operations. The team also referred to the cheating program as their "dark arts."

As for Hinch's interview, he was asked about the use of buzzers. Instead of flat out saying the Astros didn't use buzzers or anything like that, he said that the MLB investigators never found evidence of any.

Yes, MLB did say there was no evidence. That doesn't change how it looked when Jose Altuve rounded third yelling "don't rip my jersey." Non-denials aren't going to help and those are as close as we could get to any actual proof that it never happened.