White House Reporter Asks Donald Trump About a Pardon For Joe Exotic From 'Tiger King'

Ryan Phillips
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic /

Donald Trump was asked whether he would consider a pardon for Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame during a White House press briefing on Wednesday. Yes, that is a thing that actually happened in the middle of a pandemic.

Check this out:

Yep, that happened.

The reporter who asked the question was the New York Post's Steven Nelson, and he should lose his press credential immediately. What the hell, man? You're asking about Joe Exotic when the country is shut down and thousands of Americans are dying daily? That's what's important to you right now?

I've got a shocking revelation for you: the New York Post is headquartered in New York ... you know, the spot where hundreds of people are dying from COVID-19 daily. I'm sure the paper's readers have a few things they care about more than Joe Exotic's pardon request.

It's worth noting Joe Exotic was caught on the phone hiring an undercover FBI agent to murder Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue. He got convicted on two counts of murder for hire and multiple violations related to the keeping and selling of exotic animals, many of which he admitted to on camera throughout Tiger King.