Ninety-Three Percent of the Money is on LSU and Dabo Swinney Has to Love It

Kyle Koster
Dabo Swinney when he sees the betting trends.
Dabo Swinney when he sees the betting trends. / Norm Hall/Getty Images

Well, it finally happened. Dabo Swinney has been proven correct. No one believes in his team, the side that's won 29 consecutive games and is seeking yet another national championship.

At least among those who gamble their hard-earned money on college football. Because there's evidence of extreme disrespect in the disparity between LSU tickets and Clemson tickets in the national title game.

Ninety-three percent. The legend of Joe Burrow grows as he stands poised to make everyone a bit richer.

Currently, the spread sits at -5.5. Swinney would probably love to see that double that figure but still has all the evidence he needs to get his troops all hot and bothered with the no one believes in us line.

No one should ever tell you what to do, so I'll pass on advising taking Clemson and the moneyline. But if LSU delivers down in New Orleans, the sportsbooks will be taking a big-time bath.