$80 Million Man Ted Lilly Charged With Felony Insurance Fraud


Remember that time Ted Lilly made $80 Million in his MLB career (just in salary alone), then tried to defraud Progressive Insurance over a whopping $4600, got caught, and could face up to 5 years in jail because of it?

Good times.

Per The Tribune in San Luis Obispo (CA):

The department’s investigation showed Lilly sustained damage in a collision while backing up the vehicle and sought an estimate from a body shop on March 19, [California Department of Insurance spokesperson Nancy] Kincaid said. The estimate was $4,600.

Then Lilly bought insurance from Progressive on March 24 and claimed the damage on March 28, Kincaid said.

In all seriousness, this has to be a joke … because I did the math…

$4600 divided into $80,000,000 is 0.0000575 — which equates to 0.00575% of Ted Lilly’s net worth on made salary ALONE. This is the filthy rich equivalent of us normal people getting arrested for attempting to shoplift a gallon of milk from the grocery store, when you have a $50 bill in your pocket.

If you have 80 million dollars, and a problem with paying for the damage that YOU caused … just buy the damn thing and dont get it fixed. Cripes.

The Tribune also reports that Lilly was charged with three felony counts of:

  1. “Filing a false insurance claim”
  2. “Filing a false statement in connection with an insurance claim”
  3. “Concealing a material fact in connection with an insurance claim”

Life comes at you fast. Or in this case, at 5 miles per hour — while backing up your RV.


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