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76ers Co-Owner Michael Rubin Gets Daughter Actual Tank as Gag Gift For 16th Birthday

Stephen Douglas

Michael Rubin was part of the Josh Harris group that bought the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2013. As you can see from this video, Harris obviously still had a little left over after the deal because for his daughter's 16th birthday he recently bought her a small tank instead of a car. Just absolutely unbelievable timing for such a gag gift.

Presumably, Rubin just rented this because honestly what would a teenage girl do with a small tank in a residential area, but then again, who has the kind of money where they can buy a basketball team? Can you imagine having the kind of money where you could either buy, rent or borrow a literal tank? This may be as outrageous as anything that aired on My Super Sweet 16.

This is the exact kind of insane spending that fans are rooting for when they side with owners. Good luck to the 76ers on convincing fans they don't have enough to max out James Harden or anyone else next summer.