49ers Kicker Mitch Wishnowsky Delivers Bone-Jarring Tackle

Kyle Koster

If you heard the name Mitch Wishnowsky out of the blue, you’d just assume he was in refrigeration or construction or something and loved to go out for a few pops with the boys. The rookie punter out of Utah, trying to make the San Francisco 49ers, didn’t have much visibility before he took matters into his own hands last night against the Denver Broncos.

Wishnowsky raced downfield and punished Devonte Jackson with a tackle even a non-kicker could appreciate. And, oh boy, did his sideline appreciate it.

Wishnowsky admitted postgame that he was a bit surprised Jackson didn’t sidestep him but took it in stride. He is, after all, Australian and this type of balls-to-the-wall performance is incorporated into every aspect of their daily lives down there.

That’s a fact, no need to look it up.