49ers Fans Have Taken Over Rams Home Game

Bobby Burack
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The NFC West showdown between the 49ers and Rams was one of today's marquee matchups. According to the schedule, the game is in Los Angeles and the Rams have a home-field advantage. The first part of that is true but the second, not so much. The great 49ers fans have traveled to another city in California and have taken over the Coliseum.

Reminder: Red is a 49ers color.

I get it, there are other things to do and the weather is dreamy, but there is no excuse for you Los Angeles folks this time. This was the game of the week and a loss would greatly hurt the Rams' playoff chances. The least you people could do is put down the shades, take a break from the beach, stop complaining about the traffic and show up to this football game.

Updated ranking of worst football cities:

1. Miami

2. Los Angeles