3M Open Prize Money, Purse Breakdown

Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The major championships are over with but the PGA Tour rolls into the greater Minneapolis area for the 3M Open this weekend with many golfers fighting to improve their chances of making the FedEx Playoffs. Scores will be low with birdie and eagle opportunities abounding. Tony Finau will look to defend his crown against a field of 155 other players and there will be plenty of money up for grabs.

3M Open Championship Prize Money

The winner will bring home 18 percent of the $7.8 million purse, which equates to $1.4M. Second place will have to settle for 850K and third for $538,000. The fourth- and fifth-place finishers will earn 382K and 319K respectively.

Everyone in the top 10 will be compensated north of $200K and everyone in the top 20 over $100K. Those finishing 66th to 90th will be between $16K and $12K. This obviously pales in comparison to the Open Championship payout, but that is the difference between a major and a standard Tour event.

A full breakdown can be found over at the official PGA Tour site.