30 For 30 Trailer: Michael Scott and 'The Office' Basketball Game


The Office's basketball game episode, simply titled, "Basketball," originally aired on April 19, 2005. Fifteen years later, the Michael Jordan / '97-'98 Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Ride, will debut on ESPN. To help commemorate the two legendary basketball eras, now connected forever, 30 For 30 put together a fake trailer for a Michael Scott documentary.

I'm not sure the caption matches the content of this fake 30 For 30, but it still feels like 30 For 30, which is what is really important.

The Ringer also broke down the game last month, as websites will do every year for the foreseeable future since it seems like The Office is being either watched or rewatched by everyone right now. It seems like a decent replacement for Friends in the streaming marketplace.

You can also watch the entire game here, without any commentary.