3 Teams That Should Sign LeSean McCoy Immediately

Brian Giuffra

LeSean McCoy was cut by the Bills, who decided to go with the immortal Frank Gore and rookie Devin Singletary in their backfield again.

As we know, in the NFL one team’s loss can be another team’s gain, and with McCoy’s history (six-time Pro Bowler, former league leader in rushing yards), it’s safe to assume his services will be in demand despite declining returns on investment. So, where will Shady end up? Here are three options.

Houston Texans

Lamar Miller is out for the season with a torn ACL. Duke Johnson, acquired in a trade, is the top back, but he’s never proven he can shoulder the load and, beyond him, the Texans only have a group of undrafted, unproven backs. McCoy would not only provide depth, he might wind up being a key component in an explosive offense.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have first-round pick Josh Jacobs and change-of-pace back Jalen Richard atop the depth chart right now. But what happens if Jacobs gets hurt? Or doesn’t pan out? Richard didn’t fare well as the lead back last year so the Raiders are a little thin on every down backs on their squad. While McCoy probably isn’t that anymore, he could be a good backup plan. And of course, we all know how Jon Gruden loves vets.

New England Patriots

Am I crazy for putting the RB-rich Patriots down here? Yeah. But this is Bill Belichick we’re talking about. The man can never have enough running backs.

And he can never have enough veterans. Sony Michel and James White are the guys in New England. But couldn’t you see Bill being intrigued by McCoy? I know I can.