Who Will Win the 2021 World Series Hankook Good Sam loan Depot?

Kyle Koster
Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Simple question here from a simple man. Which team is better suited to win the 2021 World Series Hankook GoodSam loanDept? The Houston Astros have the edge in terms of experience and a formidable lineup capable of mashing balls into the stratosphere with regularity. The Atlanta Braves feel a bit like a team of destiny doing all this without Ronald Acuña and proud owners of a murders' row of left-handed relief pitching. It's an intriguing matchup with great storylines and baseball fans everywhere are hoping the 2021 World Series Hankook Good Sam loan Depot goes six or seven games to prolong the drama.

You may be thinking 'what an incredibly stupid thing to write about' and No. 1 let me assure you that's a correct take. But in all honestly we really need to establish some ground rules in the quest to monetize literally anything. Money is money. Yet I'd like to give truth serum to some Major League Baseball brain trust to discover if they actually thinks this looks good and is worth the eye sore.

The truly depressing thing is that someone's going to eventually notice how much empty green grass there is to advertise on and baseball fields will begin to look like a patchwork quilt or a high school yearbook hawking the best sportsbook or light beer.